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Item No.: LTL05ARB(Bulk Pack)

Part Number

LTL05ARB(Bulk Pack);LTL05ARC(Blister Card)

LTL05RRB(Bulk Pack);LTL05RRC(Blister Card)

LTL05RWB(Bulk Pack);LTL05RWC(Blister Card)

Function  Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reverse

Size      188mm x 100mm x 28mm

Voltage   12V&24V Multivolt

LED Qty   72PCS

Cable     40CM x 0.5mm^2 single color

Draw      Stop/Fog  Tail   Indicator   Reverse

@12V      0.195A    0.05A  0.170A      0.20A

@24V      0.110A    0.04A  0.110A      0.17A

Fitting instructions

Surface mount onto flat surface horizontally using bolts in back of lamp,run wire and plug through 10mm hole in fixing surface.

Please refer to the technical frawings for mounting instructions.

Product Video:

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